Lanyards And ID Accessories Make Great Advertising And Security Tools

Lanyards and ID accessories make great security tools and advertising products. All those wonderful bright colored lanyards, ID cards, Hats, pens, and other items that can be given away during product promotion events can be great advertising that goes home with attendees. The company or product logo and other information get a wider viewing. Lanyards and related promotional give away items can be well designed and colorful to attract attention. The lanyard companies can give customers ideas to use these items to best advantage.

Lanyard Colors Have Meaning

Lanyards can be required at events for security purposes or as part of the entertainment strategy. For instance, lanyards can be holding numbers that may be called for prizes. At a party, lanyards can be worn in different colors denoting marital status or availability. Lanyards holding IDs can also identify different groups or departments by their colors.

In addition, lanyard colors can be chosen for the color’s meaning.

  • Red can mean power excitement, or passion, while pink can mean love, respect, and warmth
  • Navy blue can stand for trust, loyalty, or order. Blue might mean perspective, content, or spirit.
  • Black can be neutral or it can stand for elegance and sophistication.
  • Yellow might stand for positive vibrations and orange can mean instinct and warmth.
  • Green brings to mind growth, restoration, balance, nature.
  • Purple is associated with importance, creativity, and deep thoughts.

Lanyard color choices can also be determined by company logo colors or product packaging colors. The organizers of an event might choose lanyard colors to match favorite sporting teams. There are many ways to choose lanyard colors to enhance a company or organization’s message.

Lanyards For Security

Lanyards are a safe and effective way to identify people who belong at an event or in an office building or government building. Security people can wear lanyards of one color and people from different floors or departments can wear colors chosen for those groups. Lanyards are a good way to carry and display ID badges because they have safety features built in. The straps have safety fittings to prevent strangulation if lanyards are grabbed by another person or caught in machinery. Carrying one’s ID, even those with RFID chips, on a lanyard makes forgetting them or losing them harder. For more information and ideas for lanyards, go to the website.